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i’m seein’ stars

When you go on vacation, do you check the hotel website to see whether or not they have a pool?  Or, find out if they received three diamonds or four stars?

If so, you know how important those things are when making a hotel selection.  Do your attendees a favor, and include some detail on the properties available in your housing block so they can make informed choices and be happy with their selections.

Research the offerings that each hotel has, including pool, gym, spa and Internet access.  You can also list the AAA or Mobil rating for the hotels.  The easiest way to compile this information is using each hotel’s website and the AAA and Mobil sites.

It doesn’t take long, and your attendees will greatly appreciate it.

not just for flights anymore

Omni Hotels has rolled out the coolest thing since web check-in for flights. Web check-in for your hotel room! They’ve taken it one step further, too – you can check in using your web-equipped mobile device.

We all know that the smallest details can have a major impact on how attendees perceive the success of an event (for example, if it’s raining, your meeting will likely score lower on satisfaction surveys).  Therefore, any enhancement a planner can offer to the meeting’s participants has the potential to be seen as a major improvement (even if it’s just that their hotel room was ready when they arrived).

SO… If you’re hosting a meeting at an Omni property in the near future – promote this value added service to your participants so they can skip the lines at the Front Desk and start your meeting off right!

Click here to learn more about this unique offering from Omni.  If you’ve already made use of this service – please click on the Comments link below to share your experience!