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Recognition for gathering
Gathering is now featured on The Daily Reviewer’s Event Planning page!

Gathering was recently added to the PlannerWire.com blogs page.

Gathering has been named as one of a short list of insightful meeting planning blogs by Tom Isler of M&C Magazine (October 1, 2008)!  Thanks, Tom!

Gathering was added to the Alltop.com Event Planning site on July 1, 2008.

Exciting News!  Gathering was recognized by Sue Pelletier, MeetingsNet Web editor and fellow blogger (author of Face2Face), in her April 18, 2008 post and her May 7, 2008 post!  Thanks, Sue!

Gathering has also been recognized by Lee Potts, author of the Breaking Murphy’s Law blog, and Lisa Junker, contributor to ASAE’s Acronym blog!

The Purpose of gathering
Gathering has been designed as a place where meeting and event planners can gather ideas and information to help us in our everyday lives – both personally and professionally.

I have always felt that the word “gather” was a kinder, gentler way to say “meet”. I like that it can mean to collect people or things. Meeting planners do both we gather the needs, wants, desires, and wishes of our clients, and we create events out of those concepts so that people can gather in a meaningful way.

Come back often to see what new information I’ve gathered to help us live, work, and plan better!