singing for your supper

O, what times are these?  Jobs are hard to keep, and harder to find.  I’m blessed to be employed, but I’m not taking that status for granted, and neither should you.

Keep your resume updated.  If you lose your job, your head won’t be in a good place for creating a shining example of who you are as a job candidate, so make sure that all you have to do is minor tweaks, not a major overhaul if (when!!) the time comes.

For those of my friends who have found themselves unemployed (first of all, I’m sorry and my thoughts are with you and your families, and secondly…), below are some industry-specific resources you can turn to for current openings in the meeting planning industry.

MeetingsNet Job Search

PCMA Career Center

MPI Career Connections

HCEA (Members-Only) Job Board

ISES Career Center

IAEE Career Center

As I’m sure you know, this is a remarkably small industry, so most of the available jobs are going to be repeated on each site, but each site also has at least a couple that are unique, so it’s worth taking a peek at each one.


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