it’s all about control

Do you control your email or does it control you?  This is a problem for so many people (not just planners!) that I’m excited to have found a unique solution. is a web service that allows you to use your “out of office” autoresponder to alert anyone emailing you that you’re not a slave to your inbox.  AND, it gives them the option of reaching you for those truly urgent messages.

I think this would be a great thing to incorporate for those times when you’re onsite for an event, and you don’t have ready access to email (I don’t have a Blackberry or other similar device, so when I’m onsite, I’m rarely checking emails).

First, you have to sign up for the service.  It’s free for their basic offerings, but only $6.95 per month for a more robust version.  Once you’re signed up, you can follow their easy directions for setting up your out-of-office notification (they even have some great templates you can use!) and your preferred methods for receiving your AwayFind messages.

In your email software, you mark yourself “out of office”, and write an auto-response that includes a link to your personal AwayFind web page.  The person trying to reach you would then fill out a simple form, and voila!  Based on how you told AwayFind to reach you (SMS/text message, other email account, assistant’s email account), the message will be delivered.  In the paid version, you can even categorize messages and have them sent via different methods (or to different people)!

It’s all about control – control of your schedule, your time, your life!

If you sign up, post a comment here to let us know how you like the service, and if you’ve found any unique ways of incorporating it!


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