i’m exhausted!

The title of this post isn’t an attempt at a clever take on the content.  I really am just exhausted.  It’s the 7th day of being onsite for this year’s annual meeting, and I’m just so tired!  I have today and tomorrow to go, and then I get to go home again.

We’re doing the meeting in my hometown of Chicago, and I often hear the question “is it any easier to do a meeting close to home?”.  I haven’t found it any different, aside from not having to hop on an airplane.  All of the preplanning is the same, and I’m still staying in a hotel.  The onsite experience is exactly as it would be if I lived outside the area and traveled here.

What do you think?  Do you prefer to do meetings close to home?


One thought on “i’m exhausted!

  1. kapgar says:

    Right now, I have no choice but to prefer close-to-home meetings and conferences. My budget won’t allow for anything else at this point. May not again for a couple years at the minimum.

    How ya been lately?

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