badges? we don’t need no… oh, wait, yes we do

The badge or nametag is a staple of any meeting.  You register, you show up, you get a badge.  But, should that be it?  How can badges be used better?

That was the question posed on LinkedIn by the owner of a public relations firm.  Interestingly, she didn’t receive very many answers.  Apparently, badges are currently just badges.

One enterprising organizer prints a mini-version of her program schedule on the back of the badges.  Another planner color-codes the badges to coordinate with their registration categories (this is something I’ve always done, too!).

I’ve been looking into adding RFID technology to our badges through our registration vendor.  This technology is somewhat pricey, but would allow us to track which participants attended which sessions and courses, how much time they spent in the exhibit hall and when, as well as what areas of the exhibit hall they visited.

This is the coolest application I can think of for a badge.  What’s the best “other” use you know?


5 thoughts on “badges? we don’t need no… oh, wait, yes we do

  1. Simon says:

    Well other than the RFID thing, I think there should be an element of social media in the near future. E.g. a badge should have a digitized name which is linked to that person’s LinkedIn or Twitter profile. As soon as you turn it on, it can show the locations of the people on your network that are attending the event. Most people attend events to network with clients, contacts, prospects, friends etc. If I can see where they are, I can easily go and meetup with them, instead of looking for them manually.

    Next, if the event is interactive – all of the interaction can take place over the badge itself in the form of quick votes, twitter messages. E.g. if the event has a heavy traffic and multiple concurrent sessions, an attendee can be sent messages like this “hall 1: full”, “workshop by Prof. Stephen about to begin in hall 3”, “booth area crowded, choose alternative path”, “coffee available on front gate” etc. Imagine big events managed like this – events like the CES show, the Mac World, the Crunch 40 and so on…

    What do you think Krys?

  2. MirelesMinute says:

    For our user conference, we added various icons attendees could pick to further show their interests and affiliations with our products. We thought they would be good for networking, but the icons were better suited for good conversation starters.

  3. mpthwareen says:

    Yes its a good thing as it shows You are register, we have also posted a linkedin discussion post on this topic mostly persons was answered that YES that’s a good thing…

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