carbon footprints

I’ve just been playing with a great tool that can help planners reduce the carbon footprint of meetings.  It’s called Hub Calc, and it calculates the most central airport to all of your attendees.  This works best if you’re planning a board meeting, or know the main regions where your attendees come from.

For example, if you know that 30% of your participants come from New York and another 50% come from San Francisco, you can plug in JFK and SFO, and see which airport would be the best.  Then, you can decide if that’s where you want to host your next meeting!

Thanks to Jim Louis (MeCo moderator) for pointing out this cool web tool!

The makers of Hub Calc also have some other great tools.  I particularly like Mile Calc, which calculates the miles you can earn on flights.  I like it because it allows you to enter more than one leg at a time (so if you’re flying Orlando-JFK-Chicago-Pittsburgh-Orlando, you can find out how many miles that will be total (17,430)!


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