on a wing and a prayer

Airlines are not making travel any easier for their customers.

Even though carry-ons didn’t used to be scrutinized, you can bet that your favorite air carrier is watching carry-ons like a hawk these days.  Height, weight, width, overall size, shape, contents…  It’s all under consideration now.  And, if airline employees determine that your carry-on doesn’t meet their criteria, you can bet you’ll be paying extra to have that bag checked.

Luckily, not everyone is taking it lying down.  Rick Seaney, travel expert with farecompare.com, has compiled an amazing list of information on the criteria for carry-ons for nearly all domestic and international carriers.

If you have an “official airline” for your meeting, your attendees may find it very helpful to see the carry-on guidelines on your meeting’s online travel page.  If you don’t have an official airline, perhaps you could list some of the more popular airlines on your meeting’s travel page.


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