look like a smarty-pants

Let’s all write smarter, shall we?

Wherever we use written communication (email, flyer, letter, blog, website, brochure), our goal should always be to convey our message clearly.

In what way does that make us better meeting planners?  Well crafted emails don’t need clarification.  Well written brochures attract more attendees.  Carefully worded contracts cause fewer problems down the line.

How can you ensure that you always use proper grammar, diction and punctuation?  Don’t know the difference between grammar and diction?  Have you always harbored a secret loathing for the semi-colon?

I read, in a blog post by Bud Bilanich (The Common Sense Guy), that you’re probably not alone.  Luckily, Bud has found a great online resource for help!  It’s called Upwrite Press, and in their Ongoing Support section, they offer many free tools to help us write better.  They have a blog, a monthly newsletter – even a podcast!

Below are some additional writing resources on the web.


Use the suggestions you find within these resources, and you’ll look like a smarty-pants in no time!


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