need a penny, take a penny…

Or, more accurately…  Have a room, leave a room: need a room, take a room.

The MeetingsCommunity Online (MeCo) has added a fantastic member benefit!  On June 20, MeCo introduced a message board dedicated to finding and offering attrition resale rooms!

I have rooms to sell!  What do I do?
If you ever find yourself in a position where you’re a few (or many) rooms short of meeting your contracted attrition minimum, this is the place to go to find planners who need rooms in that city.  Simply post the city, property, number and type of rooms available, along with the rate and dates, and then try not to hold your breath as you wait for the offers to come rolling in.

How do I post my offer?
You must be a MeCo member to use the message board, but it is free to join.  MeCo already has more than 2,000 members, so your offer will reach a nice, wide audience!

When should I post?
If you use this service, I strongly recommend posting at least a couple weeks before your reservation deadline.  Buyers will need some time to get organized and sell the rooms.

Is that all?
Request that the buyer sign a resale agreement, taking responsibility for the rooms they buy from you.  While they are doing you a favor by buying your rooms, they’re also preventing you from selling them to anyone else, and they should be willing to accept financial responsibility for the rooms you’re offering.

If you use the attrition resell message board, please come back here and post a comment about your experience!


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