don’t poison your attendees

Don’t poison your attendees.  Seems like an obvious statement, but how often do we consider ALL of the ways we could be harming our guests?!

Most planners hire florists to decorate their meetings with plants and flowers to enhance the look and feel of the event.  It’s a great practice that I fully support.  Everything looks a little better with some greenery.  But have you ever considered whether the plants being used are harmful to humans?  Have you thought to specify “non-toxic” plants with your florist?

I certainly had never thought about it before, but a recent thread on MeCo brought up some great points and included a few informative links.

A couple things to take away from this:

  • If you’re hosting an outdoor event, add “flora & fauna” to your inspection list.  Check for obvious things like poison ivy and request that the venue eliminate the plants or cordon off the area.
  • Check out this site for a list of commonly found toxic plants.
  • Make sure that if the caterer uses garnish, that they only use edible garnishes – nothing that’s just for show (including plastic!)

Here are a couple of links for reference on edible flowers:


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