hey, thanks

Gratitude can be expressed in many ways.  In the moment, most folks tend to whip off a quick “thanks” as they toodle on their merry way.

Chicago print shop, Greer Chicago, has come up with a delightful idea to take that “thanks” and make it a little more meaningful.  They’ve designed thank you cards, called “Civilettes“, that you don’t add anything to – no personal note necessary.

They are meant to be handed (in the moment) to the gentleman who lets you have the cab you were both vying for, the coworker who stayed late one night to help you finish that presentation binder, or the stranger who went out of her way to hold the door for you when you were tugging the stroller behind you.  They don’t come with envelopes, so they’re easy to grab and give.

I think they’re a beautiful way to express simple gratitude.  And, they’re recyclable, in the absolute best sense – they have “please reuse” printed on the back, so that the recipient might pass it along to the stranger who helps them carry a heavy package into the post office.

I mention them here on my blog because I also think they’re a fantastic addition to the gratuity that you leave for housekeeping, bellman and concierge, as well as certain gratuities you may give, in person, to those who service your meetings.


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