fly the pricey skies

American Airlines announced today that they’re going to institute a $15 fee for the FIRST bag checked on any flight.  Other airlines have incorporated second bag fees, but American is the first major US airline to charge for all checked bags.

The fee goes into effect beginning with flights departing on June 15.  Passengers already holding tickets for travel on or after June 15 are except from the new fee.

I bring this up for two reasons.  

First, this fee will have a major impact on what my fellow travelers will attempt to carry-on, creating a potentially contentious situation when not everyone’s carry-ons fit onto the plane – who pays?

Second, if your organization has an exclusive agreement with American Airlines as your carrier, you may need to do some damage control with your attendees.

What thoughts or concerns do you have with this announcement?


One thought on “fly the pricey skies

  1. kapgar says:

    I would hope that if they don’t have the room in overhead storage for bags that are deemed to be appropriate size for carry on, that the fee would be waived. It’s not the passenger’s fault if the plane runs out of space.

    Guess I’m doing nothing but carry on from here on out.

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