magic words

Are there magic words in marketing?  Perhaps.  Abracadabra!  No?  Fine, then.  Moving on.

There are scores of articles on the web dedicated to trying to convince us that there are 12 or 13 (or 100) magic words that will instantly make your message more desirable than it would be without these words.

I initially got excited about a message I read on MeCo, listing the “twelve most influential words” in marketing.  However, as I read through the messages, I found that the people posting on the thread took it in a direction that was surprisingly predictable.  The twelve words have been used in countless spam messages and have become “red flags” to anyone with an email account.

Then I stumbled upon this blog post by Gary Bencivenga.  He presents a compelling argument to eschew the magic word theory and make a compelling argument.  We need to give our target audience a reason to believe what we’re telling them, and using so-called “magic words” aren’t the answer.

Even Gary’s post doesn’t spell out the real point.  Which is??  Plan better meetings.  Offer better content.  Research what your target audence really wants, and give it to them.  If you’re offering what people are looking for, you don’t have to dress up your message with magic words.  You can simply explain the real benefits of attending or exhibiting at your meeting.  That’s the real magic.  Abracadabra!


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