learning like a grown up

Convene has continued their “How Adults Learn” series this month, and I’ve updated the “act (er, learn) your own age” post with the link to the April article, and added some new thoughts to the original post.

As younger generations become adults (hello, gen Y), the way adults collectively learn changes. For instance, those generations who came before the invention of the personal computer don’t need as much technological interaction as those who came after.

PCMA has published, in Convene, a fascinating update of their special issue “How Adults Learn” from nearly seven years ago. The series, titled “How Adults Learn, Now”, advocates the increased integration of technology into meetings, as well as adding informal learning environments, such as mentoring programs.

The authors of this series of articles present some great thoughts regarding how to reach out to adult learners, even going so far as to instruct planners to question the need for a meeting at all, and to plan all aspects of a meeting based on the stated purpose of the meeting.  Structuring a meeting around the desired outcomes may seem to be a “duh!” statement, but in my experience is rarely the order of business.  Typically, the need for a meeting is assumed, and the outcome is secondary.  These articles turn that thinking on its head and provoke some much-needed rethinking.

You can find these articles in the online PCMA Convene archives, or by following the below links.
“How Adults Learn, Now – Meetings Remix, Part 1” – Convene, January 2008
“How Adults Learn, Now – Meetings Remix, Part 2” – Convene, February 2008
“How Adults Learn, Now – There’s a Reason to the Rhythm” – Convene, March 2008
“How Adults Learn, Now – Don’t Miss a Beat” – Convene, April 2008


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