you want what?

Ask for what you want.  That is the best advice you will ever get regarding negotiating.  No, really – I mean it!  So many people try to compromise even before the negotiating begins and they never find out what the other side is willing to offer!

I’m not saying that you should never compromise, or that you should make unreasonable demands of your vendors or other business partners just for kicks.  What I am saying is that you should never be afraid of making a request that seems logical to you.

I’ve mentioned before that one of my hobbies is negotiating hotel contracts.  And, I do intend to share more contracting tips with you.  However, AS important as what you put into the contract is HOW it gets there, and how you get your counterpart to accept it.

Ask for what you want.  It’s worth repeating.  I always try to use my own contract so that everybody starts the negotiating process knowing what I want to get out of the deal.  The contracts I write are intended to be fair, straightforward, and easy for my counterpart to accept.  The areas that are up for negotiation are highlighted so they’re easy to spot.

What do I do when my counterpart isn’t willing to give me what I’ve asked for?  I ask them what they ARE willing to give me.  I know before I go into any negotiation what it is that I’m willing to accept in the end.  That allows me to cut to the chase, and eliminate unnecessary haggling over things that aren’t truly important to me.

By asking for what you want, you give your counterpart a chance to tell you what’s important to them.  In many cases, you’ll find that you’re not at odds with each other, and you may even get everything you ask for!

For some additional super tips on negotiating, check out this article from (note that #1 is suspiciously similar to my self-proclaimed best advice!).  The article isn’t related strictly to hotel contract negotiations, and their advice can be used in all kinds of situations.

What’s your best negotiating tip?


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