delays, delays, delays

Meeting planners tend to become master travelers, and if you’re like me, you start getting to the airport later and later each time you fly – knowing full well that your flight is likely to be delayed.

Of course, doing so without checking flight schedules is like playing Russian roulette, and is definitely not to be recommended.  However, there’s a great resource out there that I’ve been testing for a couple of months, and I really like it.  It’s called Delaycast, and it’s surprisingly accurate.

The folks who run Delaycast gather information regarding flight schedules from various sources and compile it in one place.  Then they use predictive modeling to determine the likelihood of future delays.  They’re even considering adding a module that predicts how long it will take a traveler to get through security!

Sue Pelletier, editor of MeetingsNet Web and author of the Face2Face blog, wrote about this great web resource in today’s post.


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