keep it all straight

Just how many steps are there in planning a meeting, anyway? There must be thousands, right? Well, maybe only hundreds. OK, it depends on the meeting. My point is, it can be tough to follow all the steps if you don’t keep track of them in a reliable way.

I have recently started tracking all my tasks online using a cool website called Remember the Milk ( This site allows you to upload entire to-do lists via email, so if you’re planning more than one meeting at a time, you can have separate lists for each meeting. Or, you can group tasks together in other ways, such as listing each step you’ll need to take to compile a rooming list (create housing form, email form to Board Members, collect completed forms, enter data into rooming list).

The really cool thing about this site is that it’s free. There is an upgraded version available for $25 for a one-year subscription. The upgrade allows you to sync your list with your iPhone or other Microsoft Windows Mobile supported device.

I already feel more confident that I won’t miss anything, since all the steps I need to take have been gathered in once place. Oh, sure, I’ve had to-do lists for years, but this one actually reminds me to do things (it will send you an email or a text message on your mobile phone on or before the due date of each task!). This has given me a sense of peace-of-mind that I haven’t had in a very long while.

Give it a shot – it only takes a few minutes to set up, and can save you hours of fire-fighting later on!

Update 4/22/08 – Get even more functionality out of RTM by using Jott – an excellent, free service also available on the web.  Read about it here.


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